If you asked me the one key learning experience I’ve gained so far in my career, it’s the skill of prioritising.

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to business’ across the globe. One of them for me was organising and prioritising the incoming work. Funnily enough, the amount of incoming work actually increased ten-fold, not due to the pandemic itself, but the fact that we were all working from home.

Organising support tickets, managing sales and updating websites all at the same time is a huge challenge. Part of overcoming that challenge is taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.

As a manager, assessing what tasks suit the business’ needs the most at any given time is vital. I haven’t been a manager for long (and don’t feel anywhere near the standard I’d like to be), however being able identify the invaluable tasks can boost your/your teams productivity by a silly amount.

For example, let’s say you have a task to clear up your personal website. This might be styling changes, clearing out the code, creating further pages etc, but you also have a separate task to add PayPal as a new payment method to your e-commerce site. Task 1 only covers minor changes or improvements compared to Task 2. Task 2 will have a long term effects and could potentially boost sales by introducing a new payment method.

This might seem like an obvious choice to make every time, but when you have multiple versions of Task 2’s, you can start to see where time has to be taken to plan in advance.

At the start of each working day, make sure you spend at least 10 or 15 minutes to take a step back, look at what you’re doing, and re-assess. Make sure you know which tasks should come first and make it happen.

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