The Magic of Human Interaction

The Magic of Human Interaction

A lot of us already realised this, but now the whole world has had a slap in the face from it. Human interaction is what keeps us ticking mentally and physically. We’ve realised that the majority of our actions, are all based around human interaction.

You can have countless Zoom calls (other platforms are available), but nothing can take away from the magic of real, face to face, human interaction.

A lot of us will come out the other side of this pandemic and we’ll never take this for granted again. Just being able to hug, shake hands or be in the presence of someone else is comforting.

It’s in these times we realise what’s most important…

Friends and Family

We’ve also started to realise we feel our safest at home. And I don’t mean a different place you’ve recently moved into, I mean home home. Granted, a lot of us are fed up of home currently, but it’s something worth reflecting on. Just take a minute to appreciate the protection, peace and safety net you currently have.

The world is a crazy place at the moment. Remember to keep up routines and habits, stay consistent with your sleep and keep reflecting. It’s key to yours and others mental well-being.

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